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The Best Greek-inspired Comfort Foods To Try This Winter

a close up of many different types of Greek food at Tradeon a table

Not surprising at all, it can get cold in Greece. Needless to say, comfort foods are a necessity no matter where you live. Living in New England, specifically Boston, we understand the winter hardships and the need for warm foods to get us through. This winter, try out these Greek-inspired delicacies that can be found right in Boston! Here is your guide to the best Greek comfort foods for your winter season. 

What is comfort food? 

The idea of comfort food has been slowly spreading throughout the culinary world. The definition is considered to incorporate more traditional foods that bring a feeling of nostalgia or sentimentality. Comfort foods are entirely related to the feelings that it brings you, and the need for that comfort is even stronger when the cold weather comes around. These feelings can include both that of nostalgia and comfort for one’s culture and/or tradition and those feelings of individualized nostalgia for more personal reasons. So, what foods can be considered Greek comfort foods, and where can you find them? 

Greek Comfort Foods

When it comes to Greek comfort foods, many of the most popular dishes are those that have a tradition attached to them. Many of them are attached to Greek family traditions and customs. Below, we outline some of our favorites. 

Roast Chicken with Potatoes

For many, the warmth and aroma that roast chicken and potatoes bring is in itself comfort enough. With the addition of Mediterranean herbs and spices, the hint of Greek in this chicken delicacy cannot be missed. 

Souvlaki / Gyro

One of the most traditional Greek dishes is souvlaki, grilled meat (or vegetables) on a skewer. With a side of tzatziki and pita, this dish is easy and cannot be missed this winter! Try it here in Boston today.

Greek Salad 

For many Greek communities, the classic Greek salad brings with it feelings of nostalgia and comfort. This delicious and filling salad is a great way to connect with your Greek roots while also staying on the vegetarian side! 

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